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Chinatown Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Next, we see Jake at his office with a big bandage on his nose. Jake tells his assistants that he's discovered a plot to steal water, but they're skeptical about investigating it.
  • A woman named Ida Sessions calls Jake and tells him that she was the woman who impersonated Mrs. Mulwray, and that she had no idea that Hollis would end up dead.
  • She refuses to tell him who hired her, but she says one of the men is named in today's obituary section of the L.A. Post-Record newspaper.
  • Jake goes to a restaurant and reads through the paper, before meeting with Evelyn Mulwray.
  • He tells her that he doesn't think she's giving him all the details and that she knows about something beyond the death of her husband—given that she dropped the lawsuit against him so quickly, and then made him lie to the detectives and omit mentioning the woman who impersonated her.
  • Jake says he thinks she's hiding something, and she says she knew about the affair her husband was having. Evelyn claims she was having affairs too.
  • Jake asks her about her maiden name and discovers it's Cross.
  • Outside, Jake tells her he thinks her husband was murdered and that there's a plot to steal water from the city.
  • He says he still thinks she's hiding something and drives away.
  • Evelyn briefly calls out, like she's ready to talk, but he doesn't hear her as he drives off.
  • Jake goes to see Mr. Yelburton again, but he's on his lunch break. While waiting, he notices that a man named Noah Cross is in the photos on the walls with Hollis Mulwray.
  • Yelburton's secretary tells him that Cross and Mulwray both owned the water company together, but Mulwray made sure that it became the property of the public.
  • Jake notices workers chiseling Mulwray's name off the office door (since he's dead).
  • He meets with Yelburton, and Jake accuses Yelburton of killing Mulwray because he discovered that Yelburton and others were stealing water and dumping it in the middle of the drought.
  • He also says Yelburton hired the fake Mrs. Mulwray to come to him.
  • Yelburton denies this and claims they've just been diverting water to help orange farmers, which causes some run-off, but Jake remains skeptical.
  • He tells Yelburton to call him if he wants to come clean.

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