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Chinatown Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • They stop at the rest home for the elderly where Jaspar Lamar Crabb lived and Jake leads Evelyn inside. He pretends they're a married couple looking for a nursing home for their father.
  • Once inside, Jake sees that all the names of the new owners of the land in the valley are the names of the people in the nursing home. He talks to them and discovers that none of them are aware of the land they're listed as owning.
  • Jake discovers that the nursing home receives support from The Albacore Club, the place where he met with Noah Cross.
  • But the nursing home supervisor says someone wants to see him at the door, where Jake encounters Claude Mulvihill.
  • Jake tells Evelyn to go the car and then starts beating Claude up, getting revenge for his nose.
  • He sees the little guy who cut him approach, but Evelyn races up in the car and picks him up. They escape, as Claude's goons fire guns at the car.
  • At Evelyn's house, she and Jake have a drink together, and he thanks her for saving him.
  • They flirt with each other, and Jake tells her that in Chinatown he used to be confused and perplexed by the cases he faced—they were intricate, like this one.
  • He tried to do as little as possible there in order to avoid messing things up and inadvertently aiding the criminals.
  • Inside, Evelyn cleans his nose wound after taking the bandage off. Jake notices a discoloration in the iris of Evelyn's eye. He gets up to look at it, and they end up kissing.

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