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Citizen Kane Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Now Leland turns to Kane's second wife, Susan Alexander.
  • The night he meets his second wife, Kane is out on the street and Susan is goofy after taking toothache medicine.
  • She laughs at Kane when he gets splashed with mud.
  • She asks if Kane needs any hot water, since she lives just nearby. Kane agrees and follows her into her apartment. When he closes the door, Susan reopens it because it's her landlady's strict rule for her to leave the door open when there's a man with her.
  • Kane tries to distract Susan from her headache by wiggling his ears. Then he makes shadow puppets with his hands.
  • Kane likes the fact that Susan enjoys his company even though she has no clue who he is.
  • Kane tells Susan that before he ran into her, he was on his way to a Manhattan storage warehouse to look through all the things his mother left behind when she died. He wants to make a sentimental journey back in time.
  • Kane asks Susan how old she is and she answers that she's twenty-two. She used to want to be a singer. Kane asks her if she'd sing for him and she does. He's totally blown away.

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