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Citizen Kane Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • We see Susan lying in bed with a bottle of medicine on the nightstand. She seems to have a hard time breathing and doesn't acknowledge the bedroom door when people pound on it from outside. Charles busts in and runs to her bedside, telling a servant to run for the doctor.
  • The doctor arrives and tells Charles that Susan will be fine in a few days. Charles tells the doctor he isn't sure what made his wife make such a "mistake." In other words, he refuses to believe that Susan might have attempted suicide. Or at least he won't acknowledge it to the doctor.
  • When Susan wakes up, she tells Charles that she tried to commit suicide because she couldn't stand being on stage when the audience doesn't want her there. But Kane tells her that this is exactly the time when a person needs to fight.
  • After he looks at Susan for a while, Charles decides that he won't try to make her sing anymore.

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