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Citizen Kane Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Mr. Thatcher meets with a young Charles Kane to tell him to back off on all his exposés about corruption.
  • Kane says he's sick of watching the working people of America get robbed blind by the rich just because they don't have anyone looking out for them.
  • Thatcher storms away while Kane says that he's just the man to look after the poor.
  • Before he leaves Thatcher says that Kane should give up the newspaper because he lost a million dollars on it the year before. Kane agrees with him, but if he goes on losing a million a year, it'll be sixty years before he has to close down.
  • So he's not worried about money at all.
  • We flash forward again to 1929, the beginning of the Great Depression. It looks like some of Kane's newspapers have gone bankrupt, and Mr. Thatcher is happy to be the dude from the bank who tells the news to a middle-aged Charles Kane.
  • It also looks like the Depression is wiping out a bunch of Kane's fortune.
  • Mr. Thatcher asks Kane what he'd like to have become if he hadn't gotten his fortune so young. Kane's answer is, "Everything you hate."

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