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Citizen Kane Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Mr. Thompson finishes reading Thatcher's diary and abruptly leaves the library. Next thing he does is visit a guy named Mr. Bernstein to ask about "rosebud."
  • Thompson doesn't buy the theory that "rosebud" is some woman who Kane might have known.
  • But Mr. Bernstein says that old men remember all kinds of stuff. He recounts the story of one day when he saw a woman in a white dress getting off a ferry. He never spoke to her and she never saw him, but there isn't a month that goes by when he doesn't think of her.
  • Bernstein called Miss Alexander the day after Kane died, but she couldn't even come to the phone.
  • Apparently, Bernstein was Kane's right-hand man from day one. Bernstein recommends that Thompson go visit a guy named Leland who went to a bunch of colleges with Charles Kaneā€¦ since Kane was tossed out of every place he went.
  • Bernstein starts another flashback by talking about Leland was with Kane the first day he took over The Inquirer.

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