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Citizen Kane Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • One day, Kane takes his buddies on a field trip to the office of the New York Chronicle. Bernstein tells him the Chronicle is successful because they have the best staff in the world.
  • So Kane goes ahead and buys out the whole staff. Next thing you know, he has the biggest newspaper circulation in New York, with over 600,000 copies sold daily.
  • At a special banquet, Bernstein and Kane joke about how Kane likes to buy whatever he wants.
  • As a huge spectacle, Kane summons a huge marching band and a bunch of showgirls to entertain his newspaper staff. He says that the U.S. will go to war with Spain any day now. In this case, he's talking about the Spanish-American War.
  • A guy in a straw hat comes to the front of the showgirls and sings a special song about Charles Kane's many virtues.
  • During this whole party, it's clear that Kane's best friend Leland isn't happy about Kane's ego running wild.
  • Leland is worried that instead of Kane changing his new writing staff's opinions, they'll change his without him knowing it.

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