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Citizen Kane Wealth

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Our Chuckie, the Mr. Kane of Citizen Kane, is excruciatingly wealthy. Insanely wealthy. Over-the-top amounts of cash.

It wasn't always the case, though. As a boy, Charles grew up in a modest boarding house run by his mom. But one day, a deadbeat tenant at the house decided to pay his bill by giving a coal mine. But too much moolah—coupled with too little love—ends up making Kane worse off in the long run because it turns him into a selfish monster.

Questions About Wealth

  1. When do you think Kane's wealth turns him from good to bad? Why is it at this point specifically?
  2. Where does Kane's wealth come from? What eventually happens to his wealth?
  3. How does Kane tend to spend his money? What does it tell us about him?
  4. What does Kane think about the other wealthy men of America? How does he think he's different?

Chew on This

In Citizen Kane, we learn that wealth will often turn a good person into a bad one.

Citizen Kane shows us that the only way to fight big money is to have big money of your own.

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