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Close Encounters of the Third Kind Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • Roy's loaded onto a helicopter with the other people who felt compelled to travel to Devils Tower, including Jillian. Lacombe asks Major Walsh to delay the helicopter's departure.
  • Major Walsh asks why Lacombe brought these 12 people to the decontamination camp rather than the evacuation center, and Lacombe answers that their presence means something.
  • Major Walsh wonders if they were sent in to subvert the operation, but Lacombe disagrees. He knows their presence is important; he just doesn't know why. He shows him all the drawings these folks made of Devils Tower.
  • In the helicopter, Roy takes off his gas mask to test the air. On account that he didn't die, Roy convinces Jillian and another man that the air isn't really toxic.
  • The other people figure that if the government doesn't want them there, well, it's not their place to ask why.
  • The three make a run for it.
  • Lacombe tells Major Walsh that he must find out what's going on. He believes that there are many other people who had the same vision but that maybe weren't watching TV or didn't make the connection.
  • Major Walsh counters it might just be a coincidence, but Lacombe states his conviction that it's a "sociological event."
  • Actually he says it's an "event sociologique." We love him.
  • Looking out the window, he sees Roy, Jillian, and the other man running toward Devils Tower. He smiles and doesn't tell Major Walsh.

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