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Close Encounters of the Third Kind Scene 30

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Scene 30

Scene 30

  • The government officials test their equipment and then prepare for the UFO's arrival.
  • The guys in charge sound pretty calm, considering the circumstances, i.e., the most momentous event in the history of the planet.
  • The extraterrestrial visitors arrive in luminous style. From the rocky outcrops, Roy and Jillian watch, wide-eyed and laughing. They don't seem scared.
  • There are three spaceships, followed by a little blob of red light zipping along behind them.
  • (AMC Filmsite wrote that this light reminded them of Tinkerbell. Clap if you believe in aliens, boys and girls.)
  • The government officials begin communicating with the UFOs, using a giant synthesizer to play the five-tonal notes with corresponding light-up display.
  • The UFOs are shy at first but soon begin "talking." The musical back and forth is a conversation that would put any Laser Zeppelin show to shame.

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