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Close Encounters of the Third Kind Scene 33

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Scene 33

Scene 33

  • The mother ship opens its doors.
  • Some people drop to their knees or back away. Jillian, Roy, and Lacombe walk closer.
  • Out of the light, the pilots of Flight 19 slowly emerge; they haven't aged a day since 1945.
  • Lacombe introduces himself. The first pilot identifies himself, and a team member welcomes him home. The other pilots come out and are all accounted for.
  • (Fun fact: The older guy smoking a pipe in this scene is J. Allen Hynek, the UFOlogist who devised the system of classification of levels of alien encounters. He'd always wanted to see one of the third kind, we guess.)
  • A team member comments that Einstein was right, since the pilots haven't aged. The team leader jokes that Einstein was probably "one of them."
  • A motley assortment of abductees comes out, including Barry, who's reunited with Jillian. Guess they were just borrowing these guys.
  • (Fun fact: Spielberg's dog had a cameo as the pooch-abductee sliding down the ramp out of the ship. He also acted in Jaws. The whole family must be in showbiz.)
  • Roy walks towards the abductees as they leave the ship.
  • Lacombe finds Roy in the crowd and asks him what he wants. Roy just wants to know it's all really happening. Lacombe nods.
  • Barry tells Jillian that he went up in the air and saw their house. He starts to cry when she tells him the ship is going to leave.
  • Lacombe gathers several government officials to discuss Roy's predicament. He rejoins Roy and says, "Monsieur Neary, I envy you."

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