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Clue Scene 9: The Key

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Scene 9: The Key

Scene 9: The Key

  • Back in the study, the guests put the bodies of the cook and Mr. Boddy on the sofa. 
  • Wadsworth suggests putting the rest of the weapons into a locked cabinet in the study. He’ll hold onto the key… of course that makes the other guests a little nervous. How do they know that Wadsworth isn’t the murderer? 
  • Okay, they’ll throw the key away. They all rush to the front door and open it to fling the key out when they see a man standing at the door. 
  • Seems that his car has broke down by the house. Can he come in and use the phone? 
  • Wadsworth confers with the other guests and invites the man in. He can use the phone in the lounge. Wadsworth closes the door and locks the man inside. We’d be pretty concerned if we were that motorist. 
  • The guests all still want Wadsworth to throw away to key, so he does. He opens the front door and flings it out into the rainy night. 
  • Mrs. White wants to leave, but Wadsworth refuses to let any of them go until they figure out what the heck is going on here. We’ve got a mystery on our hands, people, and no one is going home until we know who’s the murderer.

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