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Crash What's Up With the Ending?

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What's Up With the Ending?

Starts with a Bang, Ends with a Whimper

Crash begins with a car accident, but not all its characters' endings are so dramatic.

Some of them are, though: Detective Waters is called to a crime scene only to discover the victim is his brother. His brother, Peter, has been shot by a cop. Officer Hanson, after shooting Peter, wonders if he is as racist as Officer Ryan said he'd be. Christine Thayer must be rescued by the officer who sexually assaulted her. Cameron yells at the police in attempt to assert his dignity, and then has a white officer save him. Anthony frees some Thai and Cambodian slaves. And Jean falls down the stairs and hurts her ankle.

Okay, yeah, that's drama. But that's not actually where the movie ends.

At the very end of the movie, Anthony frees the slaves, giving them hope for a new life in America. Then we see Shaniqua Johnson get rear ended. Instead of getting out her car and asking, "Are you okay?" she immediately starts yelling at the non-white driver who hit her.

SHANIQUA JOHNSON: Don't talk to me unless you speak American!

Ah, yes, those people freed from the bonds of human trafficking now have a promising life in America, where people will yell at them just for being different.

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