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Crash Production Design

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Production Design

California Dreamin'

Crash was filmed on location in southern California, and it gives us more views of LA and seedy convenience stores than we ever wanted.

Just kidding. We can't get enough seedy convenience stores.

In addition to its locations, Crash has a lot of storylines, which means there's a lot of editing to ensure that we don't get confused about who crashes into whom. To keep his crashes straight, in fact, Paul Haggis brought on editor Hughes Winborne, a man who, were he chosen for his name alone, would be a good choice.

But Winborne brought with him a few impressive credits, too. Prior to Crash, he edited Billy Bob Thornton's hit Sling Blade (1996). He also worked on the Matt Dillon film Employee of the Month (2004), in which Pam from The Office plays a hooker named Whisper.

Winborne is the best at editing, at least according to the Academy, which gave him an Oscar for Crash. Winborne also appears to be the editor of choice for movies with an opinion on race, like The Help (2011) and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

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