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Crash Production Studio

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Production Studio

Bob Yari Productions, DEJ Productions, Distributed by Lionsgate

Bob Yari is best known for two things: Crash, and going broke. When founder Bob Yari filed for bankruptcy in 2008, Variety couldn't resist the headline "Bob Yari Crashes into Chapter 11." Besides those two big events, Yari also produced The Painted Veil, Prime, and indie hit Thumbsucker. (Source)

DEJ was a distributor originally owned by Blockbuster Video, which was a store people had to physically go to in order to rent movies before they started to get magically streamed onto their screens at home. DEJ shifted to a co-production role with Monster, the movie that proved that with enough makeup, Charlize Theron could be ugly. After the success of Monster and Crash, DEJ was purchased by First Look Studios. (Source)

First Look folded in 2006, disappearing even before Blockbuster did.

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