Dorri (Bahar Soomekh)

Finding Dorri

Dorri is Farhad's daughter—and maybe the only character in this movie with common sense. When Farhad buys a gun, for example, here's what Dorri has to say to him:

FARHAD: I don't know anything about guns.

DORRI: Another good reason not to buy one.

She then handles the gun store owner's sexual harassment with a kind of grace the man doesn't deserve. Dorri, knowing her father's anger issues, also loads that gun with blanks—a smart move.

After Ruiz gives his daughter the invisible cloak, she thinks she's protecting her father when Farhad shoots him. But no one knows that Farhad's daughter, Dorri, has put blanks in the gun. So there was a miracle, but the miracle was that Dorri knew her angry father well enough not to buy him real bullets.

Dorri, Patron Saint of Smart Daughters with Stupid, Angry Fathers.

That's about it for Dorri. Maybe we only like her because she has so little screen time, which means she doesn't have time to make any mistakes. (Eagle-eye viewers might spot her as Peter's doctor at the end of the movie.) We'll leave you with one question: how is Dorri so level-headed, when her father is so unhinged? Heck, when everyone else in the movie is so unhinged?

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