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Crash Kim Lee (Alexis Rhee)

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Kim Lee (Alexis Rhee)

Li'l Kim

Kim Lee is the woman involved in a traffic accident with Ria at the beginning of the film. She totally blames Ria, of course.

KIM LEE: Mexicans no know how to drive. She blake too fast.

We're not sure how Kim Lee is able to correctly pronounce "middle," "fault," and "drive," but not "brake," but whatever. Her pronunciation seems to play deliberately into a crude stereotype about East Asians being unable to differentiate between Rs and Ls.

There's a more sinister mix-up at play with Kim Lee, though. The reason the accident happened was that Kim was in a hurry to get to the hospital and visit her husband, a man run over by Peter and Anthony halfway through the movie. The man turns out to be in possession of a check as payment for transporting Thai and Cambodian slaves. The wrong kind of Asians, apparently.

Yes, Kim Lee is married to a human trafficker.

The film doesn't really explore that, but you can check out Anthony's character profile for how that storyline turns out.

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