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Crash Rick Cabot

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Rick Cabot

George of the Urban Jungle

We like to imagine that two Brendan Fraser characters, George of the Jungle and Rick Cabot, are the same. After swinging from trees in the jungle, George changes his name to Rick, trades the loincloth for a suit, and becomes the DA of LA. Rick, Rick, Rick of Los Angeles, watch out for that racially charged police murder.

Overall, Rick takes a backseat to his wife in this film, what with her angry tirades and all. Basically, we just see him trying real hard to do a good job in a racially volatile political landscape. However, he has to walk the political tightrope of actually doing good things for his Black constituents, while still appealing to white ones.

There is a man named Flanagan working for Cabot. Flanagan is a nasty piece of work, and it's impossible to tell how much about his tactics Cabot is aware of. Cabot also employs a Black assistant, but she barely has the opportunity to open her mouth, and we never even learn her name. We're not sure if that's because the movie doesn't have time to develop another character—it already has so many—or if she's a token hire by Cabot to make it look like he has a diverse staff.

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