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Crash Shaniqua Johnson (Loretta Devine)

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Shaniqua Johnson (Loretta Devine)

Like a Bad Neighbor, Shaniqua Johnson's Not There

Shaniqua Johnson is an insurance agent who denies Officer Ryan's father's insurance request because Officer Ryan is a total jerk to her.

That means Shaniqua Johnson is bad at her job. The father is her customer, not the son. The son's behavior shouldn't have any effect on her decision. But here is her justification for her actions:

SHANIQUA JOHNSON: Your father sounds like a good man. And if he'd come in here today, I probably would've approved this request. But he didn't come in. You did. And for his sake, it's a real shame. Get him the hell outta my office.

Shaniqua makes herself look petty with her response, and that almost justifies Ryan's treatment of her. However, considering how offensive some of the things Ryan said to her were, we can understand how she'd lose her cool when confronted with his racist diatribes.

One of the reasons Ryan thinks his dad deserves special treatment is that his dad hired Black people and "paid 'em equal wages when no one else was doing that." Okay, yes, that is good. But treating a person of a different race as an equal doesn't somehow earn you special treatment from another member of that race.

Ryan's justification for wanting to get special treatment is offensive, but Shaniqua doesn't tell Ryan why it is. Instead, their whole argument is reduced to a petty squabble between two people who are terrible at their jobs. Again, nobody's communicating with anybody else.

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