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Crash Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Hanson wants a new partner, one who won't spew racism and grope women at traffic stops.
  • Hanson's superior plays a lot of mental gymnastics with him to keep him from revealing Officer Ryan's racism.
  • The superior suggests that Officer Hanson should admit to having flatulence and request a one-man car if he wants a new partner.
  • Meanwhile, Anthony and Peter dump the injured man outside the hospital and drive away.
  • Elsewhere, Ruiz is hired to fix the lock for Farhad, the Persian store owner.
  • Ruiz says that the lock is fixed, but the door itself is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • Farhad thinks Ruiz is trying to cheat him and sell him a door.
  • Farhad won't pay, and won't stop yelling, so Ruiz leaves without collecting his payment.
  • At a chop shop, Anthony and pal drop off Jean Cabot's SUV, now with more bloodstains.
  • The chop shop guy wants the car destroyed. He can't do anything about it if it has hit-and-run blood inside it.

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