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Crash Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Detective Waters is engaging in some under-the-covers work with his partner, Ria. But he answers the phone in the middle of it.
  • It's Waters' mother. Awkward.
  • Waters tells his mom, "I can't talk to you right now, okay? I'm having sex with a white woman."
  • Ria pushes Waters off her and gets dressed.
  • Waters thinks Ria is mad because he called her white. He says, "I would have said you were Mexican, but I don't think it would've pissed her off as much."
  • Ria's mad that Waters speaks to his mother the way he did.
  • Also, Ria tells Waters that her father is from Puerto Rico and her mother from El Salvador. Neither of those is Mexico.
  • Waters makes a racist crack about all of them parking cars on her lawn, and Ria leaves. Maybe she should park her car on his face.

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