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Crash Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Officer Ryan helps his dad, in pain from a UTI, off the toilet.
  • Ryan's father is kind of a jerk, and we wish he'd fall in the toilet.
  • The next morning, Farhad finds his door open and his store vandalized.
  • Property is trashed, and racist graffiti is painted all over the store.
  • At the DA's office, Rick is preparing for a press conference on the Conklin shooting.
  • Elsewhere, Anthony is still busy lecturing Peter every time he opens his mouth.
  • On a day when people have been robbed and/or killed, Jean is mad that her maid didn't put her mugs in the cabinet.
  • Anthony's conspiracy theories—for example, he thinks that buses have windows in order to humiliate the Black people on them—are getting more ludicrous.

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