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Crash Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • At the TV studio, Fred tells Cameron that the Black star of the show is speaking a little too white.
  • Cameron agrees to do a re-shoot.
  • At the insurance company, Shaniqua Johnson has an appointment with Officer Ryan.
  • Ryan apologizes for the way he talked to Shaniqua the night before.
  • Ryan complains that his father's doctor is an idiot, but Shaniqua tells him that the only other option is to see a doctor out of network, which won't be covered by the insurance.
  • Ryan tells Shaniqua that a bunch of more-qualified white men didn't get her job because of affirmative action. So much for his apology.
  • Because Shaniqua got a helping hand, according to Ryan, he thinks she should be willing to do the same for his father.
  • Also, apparently Ryan's dad paid Black people fair wages. How charitable.
  • But due to minority businesses getting special treatment, says Ryan, his dad's business had to close.
  • So, by Ryan's logic, his dad deserves special treatment from Black people.
  • Shaniqua says Ryan's not getting it, and she boots him from the office.

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