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Crash Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • While Farhad yells at the insurance company, his wife attempts to scrub the graffiti.
  • Farhad's wife is upset because the graffiti includes anti-Arab slurs, but they're Persian.
  • Get your racism right, people.
  • Dorri wants to know if the robber took the gun, but she finds it secure in a drawer.
  • Elsewhere, Waters is being all nice to his mother for a change, helping her lie down and rest at home.
  • Waters' mother asks if he found his brother, and he says no. She asks him again. Sadly, her mind appears to have gone missing, along with the brother.
  • Before Waters leaves, he checks her fridge, dumping out the expired milk.
  • When Ria asks if Waters talked to his mother, he says she wasn't home. The lights were on, but…
  • At the TV studio, Christine visits Cameron, because he's been having a bad day.
  • Christine is still upset over the traffic stop. She says she didn't like seeing the cops take away Cameron's dignity.
  • At the shop, with his daughter as translator, Farhad talks to the insurance agent.
  • The agent says they won't cover it, because Farhad didn't fix the door.

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