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Crash Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Before Rick's press conference, a white guy at the DA's office named Flanagan wants to string up Conklin for his third shooting of a Black man.
  • Unfortunately, this case is a little complicated. The money was in the trunk of the car Lewis was driving, but the car belonged to Cindy Bradley. No one knows who she is, where she is, or why she stored her cash in a tire instead of under her mattress like a normal person.
  • Flanagan wants to ignore the money, but Waters believes that when the autopsy report comes back, Lewis will test positive for cocaine.
  • Flanagan blames this on "f***ing Black people," because he's in this movie, so of course he does.
  • After his outburst, Flanagan attempts to assuage Waters by offering him a position as the DA's lead investigator.
  • Well, Flanagan was thinking of that…until he saw Waters' brother's file, which is thick with crime.
  • Flanagan suggests that the file will disappear if Waters agrees to incriminate Conklin.
  • Waters tells the DA that "it's pretty clear what happened," given Conklin's history.
  • And poof goes the file. Like magic.

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