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Crash Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Ruiz the locksmith gets out of his car.
  • Ruiz is approached by Farhad and his gun.
  • Ruiz's daughter watches the altercation from the window. She's afraid that her father doesn't have the impenetrable cloak, so she runs outside, in slow motion, to protect her father from the gunshot.
  • Ruiz's daughter jumps into Ruiz's arms, in slow motion, as the gun goes off.
  • Ruiz collapses to the ground, in slow motion, screaming, in slow motion, and a tear rolls down his cheek, in slow motion.
  • But nothing happened. The girl's fine. Everyone's fine. "It's a really good cloak," she says.
  • The family goes inside, leaving Farhad in shock in the street.

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