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Crash Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • Waters visits his mother and conducts his ritual of cleaning out the spoiled food from the fridge. He replaces it with new food, like way more tomatoes than one woman can eat before they go bad.
  • In the police station changing room, no one wants to talk to Officer Hanson, and not because of his supposed flatulence.
  • Meanwhile, at the DA's house, Jean is mad that her housekeeper left the house for two hours that day.
  • Jean's mad at all brown people, like her dry cleaners and her gardener.
  • Jean has realized that she wakes up angry all the time, and she doesn't know why. Why can't she wake up and have everyone serve her the way she wants them to?
  • Jean hangs up the phone and immediately slips and falls down the stars.
  • Have a nice trip.

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