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Crash Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • Now we're back at the beginning of the movie.
  • Remember that shoe Waters was poking at? It belongs to dead hitchhiker Peter.
  • Sad music plays while Anthony sits on the bus. He hates the bus.
  • When the bus drives by the van of the man he hit yesterday, Anthony hops off the bus and takes the van.
  • Kim Lee, the woman who was in an accident with Ria and Waters rushes to the hospital.
  • Kim's husband is the man Anthony ran over.
  • Kim finds her husband alive in the hospital, and he orders her to cash the check in his wallet immediately.
  • Anthony takes the van to the chop shop. It proves to be a better investment than Jean Cabot's SUV: it's full of Thai and Cambodian slaves.
  • The chop shop guy agrees to pay Anthony for the slaves. He can keep the van. Way harsh.
  • At the hospital, Peter turns out to be Waters' little brother.
  • Waters' mom sees her son's dead body and collapses into tears. Why'd you choose this moment to be mentally present, Ma?
  • Mom blames Waters for his brother's death, for being too busy to find him.
  • Mom believes that the brother is the one who brought her groceries. Waters doesn't correct her.

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