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Crash Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • Jean calls her husband to tell him about her sprained ankle.
  • Jean's spirit is sprained, too, because her brown housekeeper drove her to the hospital when her white friend wouldn't do it because she was having a massage.
  • Maria helps Jean sit up, and Jean gives her a hug.
  • "You're the best friend I've got," Jean says to Maria. We hope that title comes with a raise.
  • In an abandoned lot, Officer Hanson sets his car on fire. Don't pass gas near the flames, man.
  • Continuing the sad montage of tears, Officer Ryan cries because it hurts when his dad pees.
  • Rick looks sad at his reflection for some reason.
  • Daniel Ruiz looks pensively out the window.
  • Cameron the TV director looks pensively out his car window. But he stops the car because it's snowing in Los Angeles. That hasn't happened since Angel was resurrected on Buffy.
  • Cameron stops to watch the car fire and calls Christine to say "I love you." ("Hey honey, this burning wreckage reminded me of our marriage…")
  • On the side of the road, Waters finds his brother's little dashboard idol.
  • In Chinatown, Anthony appears to have reclaimed the white van, and he releases the captured slaves.
  • One of the slaves stares into a DVD store with amazement. Maybe he'll own a store of his own some day…and go out of business in less than ten years.
  • Finally, as Anthony drives away, we see another accident.
  • This one involves Ms. Shaniqua Johnson, who immediately reveals herself to be just as angry and racist as everyone else in this movie.
  • At least the snow is pretty.

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