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Crash Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Anthony and his friend Peter leave a diner, angry that they received poor service: they were the only Black people in the restaurant.
  • Peter tells Anthony that their waitress was Black, but Anthony says that Black women are also capable of racial discrimination, like when they believe that Black men don't tip.
  • Because the service was so bad, Anthony didn't tip.
  • Down the street, Jean and Rick Cabot walk side by side.
  • Jean's mad that Rick keeps taking business calls, so he takes the battery out of his giant 2004 phone and gives it to her.
  • When the Cabots walk by Anthony and Peter, Jean grabs her husband.
  • Anthony is insulted that Jean reacted to his presence with fear.
  • Because these two are one big walking self-fulfilling prophecy, Anthony and Peter then carjack the Cabots by pulling guns on them and forcing them out of the car.
  • Jean should have whacked this guy with that giant battery.

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