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Crash Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Jean Cabot has a locksmith smith her locks.
  • Then Jean tells her husband that she wants the locks changed again in the morning.
  • Why? The short answer: because the locksmith, Ruiz, is too brown for her tastes. The shorter answer: racism.
  • Jean seems to have no problem employing a brown maid, though. We see her racism and raise her hypocrisy.
  • Jean gets so loud that Ruiz hears everything, but simply gives her the new keys and leaves.
  • Rick is upset about being carjacked by two Black men, because as the DA of Los Angeles, he's afraid of losing the Black vote.
  • Time to drum up some positive PR and pin a medal on a random Black guy.
  • No really, that's Rick's idea.

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