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Crash Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • At a diner, a man makes a sketchy-looking deal with a guy at a table.
  • Meanwhile, Officer John Ryan calls a clinic about his father.
  • Ryan swears his father's painkillers aren't working.
  • The clerk on the phone informs Ryan that a urinary tract infection isn't an emergency.
  • Ryan asks to speak to the clerk's supervisor, and she tells him that she is the supervisor.
  • Ryan wants to know her name. It's Shaniqua Johnson.
  • Ryan makes fun of her name, and Shaniqua hangs up the phone.
  • With his partner, Officer Tom Hanson, Ryan goes on patrol.
  • Ryan pulls over an SUV because it looks like the woman in the passenger seat was performing oral sex on the driver.
  • That's not something you learn in driver's ed.
  • Ryan checks the driver's registration, then has him get out of the car. The couple in question? Cameron and Christine Thayer.
  • While Cameron is being forced to demonstrate he isn't inebriated, Christine, who has been drinking, gets out of the car.
  • Ryan orders Christine to get back inside the car, but she won't.
  • With his partner Hanson, Ryan pushes the couple against the car.
  • Cameron says he's a TV director, and he says he and Christine were just returning home from an awards show.
  • Christine accuses Ryan of pulling them over because he thought she was white and married to a Black man.
  • Ryan gets a little handsy while frisking Christine for weapons, as if the Emmys gave out knifes in the gift bags.
  • After forcing Cameron to apologize, Officer Ryan lets them go with a warning.
  • In the car, Christine is so embarrassed and humiliated that she doesn't want Cameron to touch her.

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