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Crash Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Ruiz returns home and sees that his daughter's light is still on.
  • How late was he up changing Jean Cabot's lock?
  • Ruiz finds his daughter hiding under the bed, scared. She says she heard a bang that frightened her.
  • Ruiz assures his daughter they're in a safer neighborhood now, but she's scared that a bullet that came through her window in the old neighborhood will find her.
  • We have an exclusive image of the police line-up of bullets at large.
  • Ruiz tells his daughter a story about a fairy that came into his room when he was a kid. To prove she was a fairy, she gave him an impenetrable cloak. He passes it on to his daughter for her protection.
  • Dude's so good at tying fake cloaks he should be a mime if locksmithing doesn't work out.

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