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Crash Prejudice

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We always want to pair pride with prejudice—thanks, Jane. And even though racial discrimination wasn't what the lovely Ms. Austen had in mind, these two words still go together well in the world of Crash.

When race is factor, as it is in Crash, people are often prideful of their own race, and that pride leads them to be prejudiced toward other races. It makes us wonder: if someone's own race is so great, why do they have to tear down others to prove it?

Questions About Prejudice

  1. Is there a difference between racism and prejudice? If so, what is that difference? Would you call certain characters prejudiced but not racist?
  2. What kinds of actions are committed as a result of prejudice against certain characters? Is Farhad's store targeted because of prejudice? Are Jean and Rick Cabot targeted due to prejudice?
  3. Which characters have prejudices? Are their prejudices corrected by the end of the movie? Explain.

Chew on This

Jean Cabot's problems have less to do with racial prejudice than they do with class prejudice.

Many characters in Crash confirm the prejudices of others: the Persian shopkeeper commits an act of violence, the rich white woman is rude to her help, and the Korean woman is a bad driver.

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