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Dead Poets Society Point of View

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Point of View

One of the Guys

The film is told from a pretty straightforward perspective. There are no flashbacks or dream sequences, and it moves ahead in time chronologically…just like the linear march of the academic school year.

With one exception: when Mr. Perry finds Neil's body, time slows down briefly, as if we're moving in slow motion. This mirrors the character's disbelief (and maybe even our own) in a really eerie and effective way.

Still, we don't have a narrator or any voice-over explanations, and the rest of the film is told without too many tricks. It's pretty much like we are just one of the guys—albeit an invisible one who sees them even when they think they're alone (creepy).

This is a deliberate technique, one that involves viewers and invites them in, making them forget that a camera is even involved. It's like we're there with them.

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