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Dead Poets Society Chris Noel (Alexandra Powers)

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Chris Noel (Alexandra Powers)

Ah, the love interest. Chris doesn't get a ton of screen time, but she does make a big impression on Knox, one of the main members of the DPS.

When we first meet Chris, she's answering the door at the Danburys' house, where Knox has come for dinner. She's Chet Danbury's girlfriend, a fact that soon dismays Knox, who has fallen head over heels in love.

But what else do we learn about Chris? Not much. She's a cheerleader—and a popular one at that—and she goes to a local high school. She finds Knox charming, and may eventually be won over by his ardent wooing, though it takes her awhile to admit it:

CHRIS: Knox, it just so happens that…I could care less about you.

KNOX: Then you wouldn't be here, warning me about Chet.

After a brief discussion, she calls him "infuriating" and then…holds out her hand so that he can accompany her to the play.

Talk about mixed signals.

And then, the two smile warmly and walk away together. We later see them enjoying the place and looking pretty cozy.

And…that's about it. Not much screen time for the love interest/only female character in the film, but she does play a big part in helping Knox uncover the poet within.

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