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Dead Poets Society Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Students are fencing, rowing, and generally going about their business outdoors.
  • It's all very…boarding-school-esque.
  • We see Todd in his room, trying to write a poem.
  • Neil bursts in excitedly. He's found a flier advertising tryouts for a play, and he has realized that he wants to be an actor.
  • Neil yells "carpe diem" and tells Todd that he doesn't care what his father thinks. He's going to audition and be an actor.
  • Neil steals Todd's poem and they begin to chase each other. Several of the other guys burst into the room and join their game.
  • Outside, Knox is riding his bike through a crowd of birds, excitedly.
  • We see a group of teenagers and members of a marching band in cars, outside of a high school. Knox rides through them.
  • And then he sees Chris, dressed as a cheerleader. She kisses Chet as Knox looks on, crestfallen.

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