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Dead Poets Society Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • We see the school courtyard, where Mr. Keating is teaching the boys yet another exercise in nonconformity.
  • Mr. McAllister watches, disapprovingly, from a window.
  • Then, it's evening, and Neil and Todd are chatting on a ledge in the courtyard.
  • Todd tells Neil that it's his birthday, and his parents have sent him a desk set.
  • But, he says, it's the same one they sent him last year.
  • Ouch. Burn.
  • Neil throws the desk set off the ledge, and Todd laughs delightedly.
  • Then they join the DPS meeting…and so do some girls.
  • Things start to get wild.
  • Meanwhile, Knox is arriving at the Danbury house, where a teenage party is in full swing.
  • He gets pretty drunk, and so does everyone else, including Chris. When Knox kisses her forehead, Chet gets angry and beats him up.
  • The party is over.
  • Meanwhile, the DPS are having some of their own drama. Charlie, who now wants to be called "Nuwanda," informs them that he has published an article in the school paper demanding that girls be admitted.
  • And he did it in the name of the DPS.
  • Eeek.
  • Worried that their cover might get blown, the guys get pretty mad at him

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