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Dead Poets Society Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • We see a very angry Headmaster Nolan. He demands to know the identity of the author of the article.
  • As he berates the students, a phone rings.
  • Charlie answers it.
  • He claims it's God calling…and that God says they should admit girls to Welton.
  • Then he's in the Headmaster's office, being threatened with expulsion, and then paddled.
  • Things sure were different back in the 50s.
  • Headmaster Nolan demands to know the identities of the DPS. He wants names.
  • We see the rest of the guys nervously waiting outside. Charlie assures them that he hasn't revealed their names.
  • Meanwhile, Headmaster Nolan is questioning Mr. Keating about his teaching practices.
  • Mr. Keating goes straight to the guys and (lovingly but sternly) chastises Charlie for his actions.

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