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Dead Poets Society Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Todd's asleep in bed.
  • Charlie shakes him awake and tells him the news: Neil is dead.
  • We see the school, covered in snow, as Todd runs out in his pajamas and the rest of the guys follow.
  • Todd remarks on the beauty of the snow, then vomits. They try to comfort him but he runs away into the blizzard.
  • Meanwhile, Mr. Keating walks the rows of his empty classroom until he reaches Neil's desk. He takes out the book he left for him, the one with the DPS inscription.
  • We cut to the students singing hymns. Knox is fighting tears, and Charlie is refusing to sing at all.
  • Headmaster Nolan tells them he intends to conduct an inquiry into what happened.
  • The guys gather after the ceremony while Cameron gets questioned. They believe he will snitch on them about the DPS.
  • They're right. He enters and tells them he told the truth and that they should, too.
  • He says they can't save Keating, but they can save themselves.
  • That gets him punched. Right in the face. By Charles.
  • Ouch.

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