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Dead Poets Society Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Knox is called in for questioning.
  • Meanwhile, Todd learns that Charlie got expelled.
  • Then it's Todd's turn. We can see that he is very nervous.
  • His parents are in there. Uh oh.
  • Headmaster Nolan asks Todd to sign a document naming Mr. Keating as the reason for Neil's death. We see the signatures of the other guys.
  • We cut to Mr. Keating's classroom; everyone is there but Mr. Keating.
  • Headmaster Nolan enters and announces that he'll be taking over the class. As he lectures, Mr. Keating enters to get his personal items.
  • The boys keep their heads down as Mr. Keating walks through the room.
  • Todd, unable to sit still, breaks the silence and calls out to Mr. Keating. Then, he stands on his desk, crying "Oh captain, my captain."
  • Knox, Charlie, and many of the other students follow suit, one by one.
  • Mr. Keating, tearing up, thanks them, and exits the classroom. The film ends with Todd's face, triumphant and sad.
  • We're not crying. That's just something in our eyes. Pass the tissues?

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