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Dead Poets Society Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Neil is in a very old-looking courtyard, and he greets Todd, telling him that they'll be roommates.
  • Neil has also heard of Todd's brother.
  • Neil finds their room, and Cameron pops his head in to say that he heard that Neil got placed with the "new kid" Todd, and that he heard Todd is a bit of a "stiff."
  • Todd hears this as he enters the room, and Neil apologizes to him as Knox and Charlie join the group.
  • They tease Neil for letting his father make him take chemistry over the summer and come inside, closing the door.
  • Everyone gets comfortable on the bed while Todd nervously unpacks. They begin to pass around a cigarette.
  • Just then, there's a knock on the door. It's Neil's father, and they all rigidly come to attention.
  • Mr. Perry says that he's spoken to Mr. Nolan and has decided to cut Neil's extracurricular activities, including the school yearbook.
  • He doesn't want Neil distracted from his goal of medical school.
  • Neil is crestfallen, and attempts to argue. But Mr. Perry quickly reprimands him.
  • Mr. Perry leaves and the guys encourage Neil to confront his father, but he refuses.
  • Neil plans to do whatever his father tells him to do.
  • The guys leave, making plans to meet up for Latin study group the next day. They invite Todd to join them, and he nervously agrees.

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