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Deadpool Deadpool's Revenge Plan

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Deadpool's Revenge Plan

Deadpool just wants things to be the way they used to be. He wants to hunt down Ajax, make him return his face to normal, and jump right back into living happily ever after with Vanessa. This seemingly simple revenge plan is emblematic of Deadpool's resistance to change. He's absolutely positive that Vanessa won't love him anymore because of his gnarly new face.

He's wrong, of course; Vanessa loves him no matter what, but superheroes on the whole aren't exactly known for welcoming change with open arms.

Neither are the comic book industry and its fans. In comics, character very rarely die; if they do, it's a solid bet that they'll be back thanks to a magic spell, errant space rock, or even a brand-new continuity that erases any changes to their existence and makes their resurrection possible.

Take Iron Man 3, for example. In the 2013 film, Marvel decided to alter the film's villain, a character named The Mandarin who first appeared in print in 1964. In the comics, The Mandarin was a racist Chinese caricature. In the film—and we'll keep this spoiler-free—The Mandarin was tweaked so that he was no longer and on offensive stereotypes. Comic book fans were thrilled to see a racist character updated after 60 long years, right?

Nope. Hordes of fans were outraged. The Mandarin may've been a deeply flawed and offensive character, but he was a constant. The comic book industry responds to the will of its readers. Characters don't change, at least not permanently, and, as Deadpool shows, they don't like change either.

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