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Deadpool Red

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This one's a classic.

In art and literature, the color red symbolizes many things. Take a quick look at this incomplete list, and see if it reminds you of anything…or anyone:

  • Violence
  • Anger
  • Blood
  • Danger 
  • Lust
  • Strength

It's no coincidence that Wade chooses red for his Deadpool suit. It's eye-catching and symbolic of his extremely outspoken and fiery personality. The allusions to violence it drums up also reflect his brutality. That guy skewers bad guys like cubed steak at one of Aunt Shmoop's old fashioned fondue parties.

Can you imagine Deadpool wearing a cheerful yellow costume, or maybe a soothing green ensemble? Yeah, us neither. For the Merc with a Mouth, only red will do. It's lascivious, combustible, and thoroughly savage, just like him.

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