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Deadpool Morality and Ethics

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Morality and Ethics

DEADPOOL: I belong to a group of guys who take a dime to beat a fella down.

Even before Deadpool became Deadpool he was willing to overlook right and wrong in order to suit his economic needs.

WADE: I give a guy a pavement facial, it's because he's earned it.

When Meghan's friend wants Wade to mess with her step-dad, this is why he declines. His tactics may be savage, but, to him, they're always well-deserved.

DEADPOOL: I'm just a bad guy who gets paid to f*** up worse guys.

Deadpool's catchphrase may be "Maximum effort!" but we wouldn't be surprised if this motto isn't embroidered on a pillow somewhere in his and Blind Al's shoddy apartment. It's a succinct summation of his sense of ethics.

WEASEL: You know, for a merc, you're pretty warm-blooded.

That's the thing about Wade, and even his Deadpool persona: underneath all the posturing, weapons, and dirty jokes, there's a decent heart. This movie is a love story, after all.

VANESSA: Say the magic words, Fat Gandalf.

BUCK: I'm sorry.

Vanessa has her own sense of ethics, too. She may be a prostitute, but that doesn't give guys like Buck the right to cop a cheap feel. Her response to his sleazy advance as Wade looks on also shows that Vanessa can stand up for herself, all by herself.

WADE: I just wanna get to know the real you, you know; not the short-shorted, two-dimensional sex object peddled by Hollywood.

First of all, whether it's intended or not, this statement is pretty ironic given that the character of Vanessa is a essentially a 2-D sex object—albeit one who can quote Star Wars movies, which in itself is kind of trope-y when it comes to the concept of the geeky dream girl.

Now that we've got that out of the way, this quote from Wade seems intended to show that, for all his questionable morals when it comes to superhero hot topics like violence and justice, Wade's a fairly self-aware, upstanding guy when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex.

Deadpool hits Francis so hard his motorcycle helmet flies off. DEADPOOL: This is taking unsportsmanlike conduct to a whole new level.

Deadpool revels in his questionable morals. Why slap some zip ties on Francis when he can punt his head like a football?

AJAX: I was a patient here once myself, you know. The treatment affects everyone differently. It made Angel inhumanly strong. In my case, it enhanced my reflexes; also scorched my nerve ends, so I no longer feel pain. And, in fact, I no longer feel anything.

Ajax also has zero moral code, but, unlike Deadpool, his lack of ethics is also made flesh in his inability to feel physical pain. That's right; he's a walking metaphor.

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