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Deadpool Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Back at their apartment—and back in time—Wade and Vanessa have an argument. He wants her to leave him before the cancer gets bad so that she'll remember him as he is in that moment. Vanessa says nope; she wants to remember them as an us. Wade tells Vanessa he loves her.
  • They can fight this, she insists. Also, he officially wins: his life is way more messed up than hers. Callback!
  • Cut to Sister Margaret's. Wade walks in and takes a seat at the bar. He looks terrible and tries to order three shots of Patrón. Weasel suggests some wheatgrass instead.
  • Wade tells Weasel about all of the clinics that Vanessa's been contacting. His tone suggests he thinks it's a dumb idea. Weasel hold up a photo of Wade and Vanessa and points out how happy they look in it. Then he asks if he can put the photo up behind the bar to remember what Wade looked like when he was alive. That gets a chuckle out of Wade.
  • Then Weasel slides Wade a black business card with a phone number on it, and only a phone number on it. A shady dude came in looking for Wade, and he's seated at a table on the other side of the bar.
  • Wade takes a seat with the mysterious man in the black suit. His deal is this: He's a recruiter—for what, we don't know, but he knows all about Wade: what an impressive Special Forces soldier he was, how now he sticks up for the little guy, and how he has terminal cancer. He says the organization he works for can not only cure Wade's cancer, they can give him abilities most men only dream of. They can turn him into a legit superhero.
  • Wade reacts about how you expect he would to a strange little man that claims he can cure his cancer and make him Superman. Wade doesn't take the recruiter seriously, and heads back to the bar.
  • When Weasel asks Wade what the man wanted, the look on Wade's face suggests that Wade is actually considering what the man said, though.
  • Cut to Wade and Vanessa's apartment. It's the middle of the night. Sirens wail in the distance. Wade sits by the window, thinking and sniffling.
  • Vanessa wakes up and asks what he's doing. He makes a joke about having a Liam Neeson nightmare and gets back in bed. Vanessa falls back to sleep.
  • Cut to Wade packing a bag. Before he leaves, he takes one last look back at Vanessa, asleep in their bed. Through voice-over, Wade implies that he's leaving Vanessa to spare her the pain of watching him succumb to cancer. Might've been nice to give her a vote, Wade. Just sayin'.
  • The door closes behind Wade, and Vanessa wakes. She touches the empty sheets next to her.
  • Out on the street, as he walks away from home, Wade makes a phone call. We're pretty sure he's not ordering another pineapple and olive pizza.

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