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Deadpool Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • The garbage truck drops Deadpool off at home. He lives in with the old blind lady from the laundromat, Blind Al. We cut away to the laundromat flashback again, and Deadpool speaks, pointing out that he's now breaking the fourth wall inside a breaking of the fourth wall. That's, like, 16 walls.
  • Blind Al's building a bookshelf from IKEA, and she and Deadpool launch into a big discussion about IKEA shelves. They both give each other a hard time. She's happy to be blind so she'll never have to see the pair of Crocs he slips into when he gets home, for example.
  • Al finishes her shelf and collapses into the armchair. Deadpool lies on the floor. They're both tired and irritable.
  • Al's shelf falls apart, and she asks Deadpool why he's being such a jerk. Deadpool explains that he's having a bad day because Francis got away, and Francis is the only one who can fix his face so Vanessa will get back together with him. Then, with a fart, he leaves, presumably for his bedroom. Classy.
  • Cut to Ajax on his motorcycle. He arrives at what looks like testing facility 2.0, just as a handful of what must be super-slaves are being collared, sedated, and packed into crates.
  • Ajax tells Angel Dust that he knows who the mystery man in the red suit is. While she patches up his chest wound, he explains that he's going to get rid of Deadpool once and for all. Deadpool can't heal himself if there's nothing to heal. Okay, then.
  • Back at Deadpool and Blind Al's apartment, Blind Al tells Deadpool he needs to find Vanessa and tell her how her feels. Looks don't matter; she won't care. Love is blind. No, Big Al's blind, Deadpool points out.

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