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Deadpool Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Weasel's behind the bar at Sister Margaret's when Ajax and Angel Dust roll in. They want to know where Wade Wilson is. Weasel says he doesn't know that name. Angel Dust spots the photo of Wade and Vanessa tacked up behind the bar. Whoops.
  • Angel Dust grabs Weasel in a chokehold, lifts him up, and pins him to the wall. Every patron in the bar draws his gun and points it at her. Also whoops.
  • Ajax tells Angel Dust to put Weasel down. Now that they know who Vanessa is, they have everything they need. As soon as they leave, Weasel calls Wade to let him know they have a massive problem, and by "they" he means "Wade."
  • Cut to Wade and Weasel walking down the street. Wade's half-afraid and half-angry because he's on his way to talk to Vanessa. He's "afrangy."
  • Wade and Weasel enter a strip club. He needs to find Vanessa before Ajax does, and they take a lap. Weasel promptly gets distracted by a woman.
  • Stan Lee cameo alert! That's him announcing the next performer, Chastity.
  • Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has made a cameo in almost every Marvel film.
  • Wade sees Vanessa. She's a waitress. He walks up right behind her but chickens out and heads for the men's room. She looks like she just caught a chill or sensed a ghost or realized she may've left the curling iron this morning.
  • In the bathroom, Wade splashes water on his face and gives himself a pep talk of sorts. "This isn't about me; this is about Vanessa," he says. What a novel thought.
  • Vanessa's manager tells her that there's someone out back looking for; something about an old boyfriend. She looks alarmed and heads out into the alley, where it's pouring rain. She sees a hooded figure leaning against the wall. She says she knew it was Wade.
  • It's not Wade. It's Ajax. He tells her that she has Wade Wilson to thank for this, and then Angel Dust knocks her out.
  • Back in the strip club, Wade finds Weasel who says he saw Vanessa go out back. Wade heads for the alley and finds Vanessa's bag. He's enraged.
  • He takes that rage straight home, and orders Weasel to help him pack up all the guns they can find. Blind Al helps, too. She was going to build another IKEA shelf tonight, but this is more interesting. After a brief argument about which shelf they agreed that she'd build, Wade has her turn over the gun in her sock, too.
  • Ajax texts Wade. If he wants Vanessa, he needs to meet Ajax at the scrapyard at noon. Once he has his bag full of guns and his red suit on, Wade—er, Deadpool—takes off, but not before telling Blind Al he loves her. Weasel says he'd go with Wade, but he doesn't want to.

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