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Deadpool Appearances

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Things aren't always what they seem in Deadpool…except for when they totally are. Hear us out on this one. First, both Deadpool and Ajax pretend to be someone they're not. For Deadpool, that means tossing off dirty jokes and '90s pop culture references left and right to distract from the heartbroken, mutilated nutcase named Wade underneath the mask. For Ajax, that means rebranding himself as a powerful, fiendish mastermind, and not some dork named Francis.

Appearance are also exactly what they seem when it comes to Wade's face. He's been disfigured, and he can't deal with it. He's so caught up in his own looks that he leaves Vanessa, lets her think that he's six feet under, seeks out a blind roommate, and devotes his life to finding Ajax so he can get his handsome mug restored. Uh, superficial much?

Questions About Appearances

1. Do you think Vanessa would've dumped Wade after Ajax disfigured him just because he looked strange?

2. We don't get a lot of Ajax's backstory, but why do you think being called Francis makes him so mad? 

3. If Ajax told Wade up front that he could cure his cancer and give him superhuman abilities, but he'd be permanently scarred, do you think Wade would've backed out of treatment?

4. Weasel delights in coming up with clever (and generally filthy) descriptions of Wade's post-mutation mug. How would you describe it?

Chew on This

Wade leaves to protect himself from the pain of Vanessa's potential judgment and rejection, not to protect Vanessa.

Deadpool's revenge is fueled by vanity and self-preservation, not love.

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