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Deadpool Revenge

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If somebody flipped the switch on your mutant genes and turned your face into a marbled slab of chuck roast, how would you react? You'd plan your revenge, that's how. Deadpool's plot is propelled forward by the titular character's quest to find Ajax, make Ajax fix his disfigured face (and, presumably, the rest of him), and then murder Ajax in retribution for all the pain and suffering The Sadist Formerly Known as Francis put him through. Exacting his revenge on Ajax will free Deadpool—or at least that what Deadpool thinks. He thinks that once he forces Ajax to mend his mangled mug, he can finally reunite with Vanessa and reenter society without a fancy red mask.

Questions About Revenge

1. Why does Deadpool think that Ajax can cure him in the first place?  

2. How would you describe Weasel's role in Wade's quest for revenge? Is he a good ally? 

3. Was it a mistake for Deadpool to kill Ajax? Isn't Ajax his closest link to a potential cure?

Chew on This

Saving Vanessa from Ajax cures what really ails Deadpool; his disfigured face doesn't matter.

Deadpool's revenge plot is motivated by equal parts love and ego.

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